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NorthrupCPA's "Coach's Corner"

Nov 16, 2017

This episode covers risk identification and measuring the severity of risk. Risk identification includes data tracking, interviews, workshops, questionnaires, and process management.

We discuss new and emerging risks including the type of risk factors that businesses need to consider. The episode explains...

Oct 31, 2017

In today'a votile world of uncertainty effective management of risk is vital.

This episode provides an overview of risk consideration, management, and defining risk appetite. The challenge is how much uncertainty or risk are you prepared to accept.

The key is having a process for balancing exposure to risk against the...

Oct 22, 2017

Episode 8 deals with effective change and making it work.

The paradox with making changes is that people fail to see the need to change even when opportunities or threats are staring them in the face. It’s crazy but even when people see the need they still fail to move. And when they do move, they don’t finish...

Oct 6, 2017

Strategic thinking is an essential element in creating success. It is a never-ending process of what is happening now and what might happen in the future.

Strategic thinking starts with a vision of what a business will be and where it's headed. It set long-term direction and describes what the business in trying to...

Sep 26, 2017

There are lots of different method of thinking which are covered in the podcast. These methods range from reflex thinking, knowledge based thinking, and scientific thinking. It really boils down to the pursuit of purpose by asking why and what for.

We explain the rules of brainstorming and how to achieve the most from...